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WUFAW is focused on improving animal welfare locally and abroad through partnering with reputable organizations to support and mentor them.

Women United. Men Invited.
Cambodia Wellness Retreats
Cambodia Wellness Retreats
We have teamed up with an amazing group Phnom Penh Animal Welfare (PPAWS) in Cambodia to help curb the stray dog and cat problem that is rampant in the country.
Teamwork in Thailand
Teamwork in Thailand
We've partnered with a fantastic group, HeadRock Dogs Rescue (HDR), in an impoverished area of Thailand.
TNR in Turkey
TNR in Turkey
With our partner Dumpster Doggies, we are providing funding for sterilizing stray dogs in the Kastamonu Province of Turkey.
Vietnam Spay & Neuter
Vietnam Spay & Neuter Program
Working with our partner Paws For Compassion in Vietnam, we provide funding and support for ongoing efforts to spay and neuter stray dogs and pets.


Women United for Animal Welfare

WUFAW partners with organizations around the world to enhance the lives of stray animals and pets.

We provide valuable advice, financial support, medical equipment, supplies, and personnel to veterinary clinics, spay/neuter programs, and animal care organizations across the globe.

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